Unruly Waters: How Mountain Rivers and Monsoons Have Shaped South Asia’s History – Sunil Amrith


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South Asia’s history has been shaped by its waters. In ‘Unruly Waters’, historian Sunil Amrith reimagines this history through the stories of its rains, rivers, coasts, rivers, and seas – and of the weather-watchers and engineers, mapmakers and farmers who have sought to control them. He shows how fears and dreams of water have, throughout South Asia, shaped visions of political independence and economic development, provoked efforts to reshape nature through dams and pumps, and unleashed powerful tensions within and between nations. Every year humans have watched with overwhelming anxiety for the nature of that year’s monsoon to be revealed, with entire populations living or dying on the outcome. From the first small weather-reporting stations to today’s satellites, the modern battle both to understand and manage water has literally been a matter of life or death.