The Black Lizard


A super-criminal – as deadly as she is beautiful – wagers all in an epic battle with a master detective, Akechi Kogoro. No trick is too elaborate, no disguise too fantastic as the two perfectly matched antagonists take turns to outwit each other.

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Discover the new Penguin Crime and Espionage series

A master criminal and a master detective are locked in battle. Who will win?

They call her the ‘Dark Angel’. Queen of Tokyo’s underworld, Mme Midorikawa is famed for her beauty, her jewels and the tattoo of a black lizard on her arm. Crime is so easy for her that she warns her victims in advance. When a wealthy jewel merchant receives letters saying his precious daughter Sanae is about to be kidnapped, he entrusts the renowned detective Akechi Kogoro to protect her. But he may have met his deadliest adversary yet…