Survival Programmes – Exit Photography Group (Nicholas Battye/Chris Steele-Perkins/Paul Trevor).


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Acclaimed project on inner city areas of Britain by the Exit Photography Group
(Nicholas Battye/Chris Steele-Perkins/Paul Trevor) between 1974-79.
The book’s inventive design offers three narratives – visual, verbal
and the often ambiguous relationship between the two.

‘One of the most interesting and important photography books of this or
any other year’. – Ten 8 Magazine

‘Outstanding social history’. – The Guardian

‘A moving document’. – London Review of Books

‘Dialectical in its method and respectful of complexity. It deserves to
be taken seriously as a model for documentary projects’. – Afterimage

‘One of the best recent examples of how documentary photography
can and should function in book form’. – British Journal of Photography

Photographer Paul Trevor is a long-time friend of Brick Lane Bookshop – until recently he lived in a flat off Brick Lane.

Eager to collaborate with others, in 1973 he co-founded the Exit Photography Group whose joint projects over a decade produced two documentary books and various exhibitions.
In 1975 he helped set up the Half Moon Photography Workshop, an arts centre in London’s East End where photography could be produced, exhibited, published and debated. He co-edited its influential Camerawork magazine 1976-80.

He produced an exhibition of his photographs depicting the anti racist protests in the Brick Lane Area in 1978 following the racist murder of Altab Ali : Brick Lane 1978: The Turning Point.

His most recent publication is ‘Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane