Superquesters The Case of the Stolen Sun


A STEM-sational series which inspires a love of STEM learning in children aged 4-8 through a unique blend of adventure stories and interactive play. Read the book, solve the quests using stickers and learn STEM skills in immersive ways never done before.

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Discover your inner superhero in this engaging interactive story with hands-on activities and gamification. Expertly designed in line with Key Stage 1 National Curriculum to help develop children’s STEM skills in fun and creative new ways.Meet Lilli and her best friends Leo and Bea – three endlessly curious kids with BIG imaginations. When they unite to solve a challenging science problem, they turn into SUPERHEROES and journey to a world full of magic, adventure and quests. And now they want YOU to join in the mission and the fun. Can you help them to track down Lord Grumble and his Snapettes and return the stolen sun to Questland? Features over 100 reusable stickers, a reward chart to mark progress and celebrate success, a glossary and answer page. It’s time to Read, Quest, Learn!