Sunday Strolls: The Radical Jewish East End (22/10/2023)


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Sunday Strolls: The Radical Jewish East End

Sunday 22nd October, 12pm

Join acclaimed author and historian David Rosen on his tour of The Radical Jewish East End.

The East End has been a cradle of radical political and industrial struggles. The mass immigration of East European Jews mainly between the 1880s and WW1 coincided with a period in which many radical struggles took place. The new immigrants played their own part in these wider struggles by forming international workers’ education clubs, trade unions, workers cooperatives, and radical newspapers. Their agitators and polemicists made provocative speeches and engaged in protests and the occasional riot. Find out about the individuals involved in this dramatic history.

David Rosenberg is an educator, writer, activist and tour guide specialising in London’s radical history. He is the author of Battle for the East End (2011) and Rebel Footprints (2nd edition 2019).

Tours to start from Brick Lane Bookshop

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