So They Call You Pisher!: A Memoir – Michael Rosen

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Tucked away in a modest North London home, Michael Rosen’s family was far from usual. His parents, Harold and Connie, met as members of the Young Communist Leage in the East End of the 1930s and were caught on the wrong side of the barricades at the Battle of Cable Street. Both teachers, they raised their two boys in a setting blended from literature, theatre, and camping trips, spiced with the ideals of revolutionary socialism. Everything was to change in 1957, after a trip to East Germany inspired them to leave ‘the Party’. From that point, Michael followed his own journey of radical self-discovery, running away to Aldermaston to march against the bomb and getting arrested during the 1968 uprisings. It is a story that ends with an attempt to reach out to his father and the revelation of a heartbreaking family secret.