This is the second installment in Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’. This verse translation with facing page Italian offers the dual virtues of fidelity to Dante’s text with the poetic feeling necessary to give the English reader a sense of the work’s poetic greatness in Italian.

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In the third and final part of The Divine Comedy, Dante recounts his journey through heaven, after the travails and torments of Hell and the arduous ascent of Mount Purgatory, creating a cosmology of the highest realm of creation which is astonishing in its complexity. In Dante’s imagining, Paradise is formed out of concentric spheres surrounding the Earth, beginning with the Moon and ending with the Empyrean. Dante must traverse these ethereal regions guided by his beloved Beatrice, as a means of attaining wisdom, revelation and beatitude.Containing some of Dante’s finest poetry, Dante’s Paradise is an enduring vision of grace and a powerful allegory for the struggle for redemption. This dual-text edition completes J.G. Nichols’s masterful verse translation of The Divine Comedy.