Nocilla Dream – Mallo, Agustin Fernandez


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‘Nocilla Dream’ is one of the most daring literary experiments of recent years, exploring the mysterious connections between the lives of marginal figures in a globalised society. Everything starts in the Nevada desert, where a solitary tree is covered in pairs of shoes. By a butterfly effect, a chain of events affects a host of bad B-movie characters littered across the globe. Brothel blondes in the Midwest dream of absconding eastwards; anti-crats live in newly formed micro-nations underground; an Argentine man living in a motel in Las Vegas builds a peculiar monument to Jorge Luis Borges. Full of references to indie cinema, collage, conceptual art, practical architecture, the history of computers and the decadence of the novel, the first instalment of the ‘Nocilla Trilogy’ finds beauty in emptiness and kick-starts a regeneration in Spanish literature.