Love Affair with Europe: The Case for a European Future – Giles Radice


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From his earliest childhood, Europe has been close to Giles Radice’s heart. His paternal great-great grandfather, an Italian nationalist, was fortunate enough to come to Britain in 1821 as a political refugee. Ten years after the end of Second World War, at the age of 18, he set off to cycle across Europe. At the same time the Foreign Ministers of the Six were preparing for the momentous Messina Conference which saw the establishment of the European Common Market. Elected to Parliament in 1973, Radice voted ‘yes’ in the 1975 referendum and hoped that Britain’s vote to remain in the EC heralded the beginning of a deeper relationship with Europe. In this book he looks at the years since 1975, asking why the British remained reluctant Europeans, always sceptical about the benefits of greater union.