Taking the form of a diary, ‘Iced’ charts the life of forty-four-year-old Cornelius Washington. Initially brimming with talent and ambition, his dabbles with drugs as a young man gradually turn into a destructive addiction. Moving between the harsh realities of his present and the adventures and upheavals of his past, as Cornelius encounters a host of characters both intriguing and terrifying, Iced is at once a shocking account of the addict’s life, and a compelling and often uplifting tale of human love and loss.

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Cornelius Washington is brimming with ambition and talent before his life is torn apart by a crack addiction. Taking the form of a diary and written in an arresting stream-of-consciousness style, Iced ponders the gritty realities of Cornelius’s present and past upheavals that have led him here.

Iced paints a portrait of being Black in America and the ways marginalised communities suffer the consequences of shortsighted political policies. First published in 1993, in the wake of the crack epidemic, Iced mixes the syncopated language of the streets with poetry from the heart to take the reader deep into the horrifying world of addiction.