A complete history of Europe, as told by Europeans themselves, from Homo Erectus to the Celts, to Greek wisdom and Roman grandeur, all of the way to the European phenomenon – the Industrial Revolution.

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Whether as an epic battleground or a cradle of civilizations, Europe has left an enduring imprint on the history of the world for over two millennia.

From megalithic civilizations through ancient times, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the rise of nationalism, two world wars and the years that followed, this book looks beyond a series of distinct national histories to offer the history of Europe as an often shared experience across one continent.

This book delves into events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, traces the continents evolution from the collapse of Communism through the Iraq War, global financial crisis, Brexit and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

And then looking forward, it explores what would be necessary for the continent to remain a global power-player for years to come.