Edith and Stepney – Bertha Sokoloff


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The Life of Edith Ramsay

60 Years of Education, Politics and Social Change

Edith Ramsay came to the East End in 1920 and, quite simply, stayed.

As head of the LCC’s Stepney Women’s Evening Institute, she was a pioneer of education for working women, of adult literacy, of English language classes for successive waves of immigrants arriving in the East End. Teacher, social worker of the unofficial kind, she was above all the friend of four generations of East Enders.

Her are first-hand accounts of life in Mother Nevill’s Lodging House, of Stepney in the Blitz, Cable Street prostitution in the 1950s and much more. Drawing on Edith Ramsay’s own memories, her letters and extensive writings, Bertha Sokoloff gives a vivid picture of Stepney history between 1920 and 1979.

Published by Stepney Books in 1987