Eco Engineer


Uncle Luther is back! (And he’s got another outrageously evil plan to make his fortune!) BrightWorld is a brand new amusement park built under a MASSIVE snow globe, hidden in the Perilous Desert. The park is an environmental disaster, yet tickets are selling in their MILLIONS! What’s his secret?! Together with her friends and pet otter Twitchy, secret inventor Leonora Bolt must battle sandstorms, navigate the Bizarre Bazaar, and shut down Luther – FOR GOOD.

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Leonora Bolt makes amazing gadgets from any old junk. And her inventions have already stopped villainous Uncle Luther TWICE, though she hasn’t rescued her super-scientist parents from him – yet.

Leonora and her pals find clues that lead them to Luther’s latest evil plan. It’s an amusement park called Brightworld built in a desert, under a massive snow globe – and it’s terrible for the environment!

But when all their fancy-pants gadgets fail in the hot-hot heat, it’s down to Leonora to use her eco-engineering imagination. Can she invent something to shut down Brightworld and save her parents – before there’s a meltdown?

With nothing but courage and Leonora’s trusty tool belt to hand, the gang must battle swirling sandstorms, navigate plunging canyons and finish Uncle Luther…FOD GOOD!

Praise for LEONORA BOLT:
‘A hilariously silly adventure’ – The Guardian
‘Fizzing with fun, friendship and fabulous inventions!’ – Maria Kuzniar, author of The Ship of Shadows
A joyous story’ – i