Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the Surveillance State – Barton Gellman


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Barton Gellman’s informant called himself ‘Verax’ – the truthteller. It was only later that Verax was unmasked as Edward Snowden, and by that point he had already shared thousands of files with Gellman. ‘Dark Mirror’ is the story of what happened next. For Gellman, Snowden’s revelations were only the beginning of his work as an investigative journalist, and he began to dig deeper, to piece together the master narrative that reveals the complete story, a story many years in the telling. In uncovering this hidden network Gellman found himself under attack, beginning with the discovery of his own name on a file in the NSA document trove. Then, Google notified him that a foreign government was trying to compromise his account. A trusted technical adviser found anomalies on his laptop. ‘Dark Mirror’ is the revelation that went far beyond Edward Snowden and everything written about him so far.