Among the trolls


Have you heard that Bill Gates is running a secret genocidal plot? That the war in Ukraine isn’t real? Or that people are paid to act out some of the worst attacks imaginable? In ‘Among the Trolls’, BBC reporter Marianna Spring meets the most committed conspiracy theorists – and their victims. Far from a few lone wolves, she uncovers a staggering network of true believers, trolls and conspiracy influencers engaged in an international information war. She takes on the social media companies and their algorithms, exposing the harm they can cause from witnessing it up close.

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‘Full of unbelievable nonsense’ Ian Hislop’A tour de force’ Jeremy Vine’An excellent piece of investigative journalism’ Julia Ebner, Telegraph’A compelling guided tour of a dystopian underworld’ John Naughton, ObserverMY NAME IS MARIANNA SPRING AND SOME OF MY TROLLS SAY THEY WANT TO KILL METhreats and abuse litter my social media feeds. They infect my everyday life. Sometimes the people behind the messages try to find me in person. This seems to be the price of venturing into the world of conspiracy theories, hate and algorithms. And it turns out, I am far from alone.In 2020, I became the BBC’s first disinformation and social media correspondent, and since then I have been trying to understand conspiracyland. Where does the vitriol come from? What drives otherwise reasonable people to believe that almost everything – from the worst attacks and wars to global health crises and climate change – is a hoax designed to kill or control millions of us?In Among the Trolls I tell the first-hand stories of the trolls and the trolled, those behind the information battle that threatens not just the way society works, but also some of the qualities we value most about being human: respect, fairness, tolerance, integrity and kindness.

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