A Brief History of Living Forever


When Adela discovers she has a terminal illness, her thoughts turn to Tereza, the American-raised daughter she gave up at birth. Leaving behind her moody, grown son, Roman in their native Czech village, she flies to the United States to find the long-lost daughter who never knew her. In New York City, Tereza is working as the star researcher for two suspicious biotech moguls hellbent on developing a ‘god pill’ to extend human life indefinitely. But before Tereza can find a cure for Adela, her mother dies mysteriously. Narrated from the beyond by Adela, ‘A Brief History of Living Forever’ is a high-wire act of storytelling. By turns insightful, moving and funny, the novel blends an immigrant mother’s heartbreaking journey through the American dream with her children’s quest to reclaim her from a country that would erase any record of her existence.

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‘Ambitious, exciting . . . touches of Don DeLillo’ Daily Telegraph

‘A Kurt Vonnegut-like satirical touch’ New York Times

‘Inventive and heartfelt . . . packs a walloping punch’ Esquire

Adéla, diagnosed with a terminal illness, leaves her Czech village for America to reunite with her daughter Tereza, now a scientist at a New York biotech company hellbent on curing mortality. Their reunion is short, and before Tereza can help her mother, Adéla dies and her remains disappear.

But Adéla’s spirit survives, restlessly watching over Tereza as she searches for the body on a journey that spans oceans and continents, through a world ravaged by corporate greed and political extremism. Witty and prescient, A Brief History of Living Forever is a vivid story of family connection prevailing in the face of societal collapse.

‘Funny, human and oddly down-to-earth’ Guardian
‘A superb debut’ Literary Review
‘Booming with vitality and originality’ New York Times