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Our history is the history of a community: the Brick Lane Bookshop grew out of a vibrant local network of innovative activities and ideas that often sparked each other, pushing us into new, unexpected directions.

On these pages, you can explore four decades of creativity, protest, and collaboration, starting with:

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This is an evolving website, telling the story of an arts organisation that itself grew and flourished in a number of ways that were unforeseen when it began.

We welcome memories, articles, advice and visual material from former employees, supporters, and those who have participated in the literally hundreds of projects that have been initiated over the past forty years. It began as the Tower Hamlets Arts Project (THAP), later to be known as Eastside, with the Brick Lane Bookshop the most recent link in that chain.

We will endeavour to include material sent in to create an even fuller picture of the wealth of innovative writing, publishing, film and video, mural painting, bookselling, theatre and events organisation that has taken place over that time. 

Please see our Contact page on how to get in touch with us.