Episode 16: The Angel of Rome with Jess Walter

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For our April episode, co-hosts Kate Ellis and Peter J. Coles spoke to New York Times bestselling author Jess Walter about his latest short story collection The Angel of Rome. Jess reads from his story Drafting and talks about his writing process, how to write funny stories, the importance of hope, and Pie and Whiskey nights.

Listen in for Jess’ advice on how to keep writing and enjoy it!

Jess Walter is the author of seven novels, including The Financial Lives of the Poets, and The Cold Millions. Beautiful Ruins was a New York Times bestseller, and his short story collection We Live in Water was one of Barack Obama’s books of 2019. Jess Walter lives in Spokane, Washington with his family.

Show notes: Ada Zhang, Alice Munro, Denis Johnson, Edward P Jones, Percival Everett

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