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We are now open for browsing between 11am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Certain restrictions will be in place to ensure the safety of staff and shoppers - only 4 customers will be allowed in the shop at any one time, and we encourage people to wear masks and to pay on card if possible.

You can also still buy books through our online shop, email us your orders, or ask for recommendations - we're offering free delivery to Tower Hamlets residents for orders over £15, and can post anywhere in the UK.

Many thanks for your continued support. See you soon!

Publishing, theatre, visual arts, writing, film, bookselling, events - our shop grew out of a vibrant local network of innovative activities. Ideas often sparked each other - pushing us into new, unexpected directions...

Explore our rich history, from the 70s all the way to the present, HERE.

6. How to Be an Anti-Racist

    Ibram X. Kendi


7. Brit(ish)

    Afua Hirsh


8. Invisible Women

    Caroline Criado-Perez

9. How to Argue with a Racist

    Adam Rutherford

10. The Fire Next Time

      James Baldwin

June 2020 Bestsellers

1. Why I'm No Longer Talking to

    White People about Race

    Reni Eddo-Lodge

2. Girl, Woman, Other

    Bernardine Evaristo

3. White Fragility

    Robin DiAngelo

4. Me and White Supremacy

    Layla Saad

5. Such a Fun Age

    Kiley Reid


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