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Our bestseller. Let Bafta-winning writer Alan Gilbey take you through the streets of another kind of London... A wonderful little book. Highly recommended.

Beyond The Tower

by John Marriott


In this acclaimed history, John Marriott tells the story of the East End from its humble beginnings outside the City gates to the redevelopment of the Docklands and the 2012 Olympics.

'You haven't walked the streets of London unless you've understood the secret history of revolt, rebellion and poverty hidden all around you in its bricks and alleyways. Rosenberg takes you there like no other writer.' - Paul Mason

A Child of the Jago

by Arthur Morrison


Arthur Morrison's portrayal of the Victorian underclass and its underworld  is a classic of slum-fiction.

A journey into the heart of the East End, an excavation of past, memory, place and people.

'An ode to a vanished artfully woven portrait' Observer

The People of the Abyss

by Jack London


This shocking piece of journalism was inspired by the people Jack London met in the London slums of 1902. With characteristic flair, he has gazed unflinchingly into the abyss.

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Rebel Footprints

by David Rosenberg


On Brick Lane

by Rachel Lichtenstein


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East End Backpassages

by Alan Gilbey